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July 25, 2007 / Curvety

The importance of good underwear

In fashion in general there is a distrubing new trend which is fast on the rise – women wearing the wrong underwear.

It is a sure fire way to ruin an outfit and it’s not just bras. I am talking about knickers, body shapers, camis, all undies!

Wearing the right size is everything, even more so than getting it right in your regular clothing. To arrive at the right size in underwear you should be measured at least once a year. This isn’t as difficult as you’d think – just go to your local department store and ask a sales associate to measure your bust, waist and hips.

Once the size is right you need to find a comfortable fit and great support. You want items that will smooth and flatter your curves, helping your clothing to drape over them in a flattering way.

For example, body shapers work best when worn with a dress or skirt. They provide a smoothing quality that streamlines your shape and softens your curves. Choose full body shapers for dresses and half-styles for skirts.

The characteristics of a good bra are a great lift, comfortable fit, straps that stay in place, a back strap that doesn’t rise and no spillage – anywhere. The only way to overcome these problems is to be properly measured regularly. Every outfit needs a good bra. If your bra is digging into your skin, If you are spilling out everywhere, If there is lots of room inside the cup, If the straps are falling down, even when adjusted, Or if your breasts are sagging when you are wearing a bra, it’s the wrong size.

Knickers should also be chosen depending on the outfit. Wear thongs or low-rise styles with any bottoms that sit below your waist. Full-coverage panties are perfect for dresses but make sure you don’t have any visible panty lines whicy are a huge no no. What you don’t want is to be spilling out over the top of your underwear, creating a roll you don’t really have. Choose slightly loose over too-tight when it comes to the fit.

Wearing the right underwear will make the world of difference to the overall effect of your outfit. So now you’re prepared you can choose your new killer outfit from someone like, safe in the knowledge that it will hang well and you will look great!


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