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January 7, 2011 / Curvety

A New Year’s Resolution you CAN Keep!

Happy New Year!

Ok, so Christmas is over, we’ve eaten too much, moved too little and feel altogether a little rubbish right?

So New Year rocks round and we start with the resolutions to clear our conscience. I’m going to give up chocolate, give up wine, give up…… you get the picture.

But by mid Jan (or mid the first week in Jan in my case) all good intentions are slipping and we just feel rubbish about our lack of discipline. Bad start to the new year!

So this year I have decided to make a resolution which is worth sticking to. This year I am going to learn to love myself (not in a self obsessed annoying way I hope). I vow to accept my bad traits, embrace my good ones, I will work to change the things I can, and accept those that I can’t.

Good luck to anyone who cares to join me, and if you fancy spoiling yourself as your first step to treating YOU better then check out the Curvety sale where you will find some fantabulous bargains guaranteed to brighten your day.


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