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June 25, 2009 / Curvety

Gastric Band is it the Answer?

It seems to me that there is an increase in the use of gastric bands in the UK, following a trend of the operation in the US.

My question is – is it the answer?

There is no question that there are overweight people in the UK who are significantly unhappy with their weight, or suffer from medical conditions which make weight loss a necessity. In these cases it is of course important to address the issue and try to slim. In my opinion this is usually due to an unhealthy diet, lack of execise and an unhealthy relationship with food – will a drastic operation solve these problems? In some cases maybe, but I feel that it is now becoming common place and seen as a quick fix by the medical profession where other measures should be taken first.

Will this put further pressure on the public to conform and feel they have to reach the “accepted” size?

Curvy women shouldn’t feel pressured to conform and lose weight if they are healthy, exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet and are confident with their curves. One size certainly doesn’t fit all!

There is also a growing trend in the US for the operation to be performed on young teens, bodies which aren’t yet fully developed & minds which are young enough to be re trained towards a healthier relationship with food. I think it would be a terrible shame for the UK to follow suit.


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