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April 21, 2009 / Curvety

Wedding Dresses for the Curvier Figure

wg0833-1There is so much to plan for your big day but top of the agenda for most brides to be is finding the perfect dress for her big day.
If you’re a size 16+ this may be a little more stressful than for your slimmer counterparts. Many bridal shops have a very limited choice of samples in larger sizes which can be disheartening and many bridal designers size down their styles which also means that often you have to try on sizes larger than your normal clothes size, something no woman likes!
The custom made option is often expensive and most brides would consider it to be out of their price range, but Curvety have the perfect solution & all of their styles are priced between £250 & £400. How refreshing to be able to select any style you like and have it custom made to fit to ensure you look amazing on your big day. No size restrictions and no snooty assistants, just perfect dresses made for you. Plus if you want to change the colour, or add/remove straps etc then you can! Sound good? Then check out the bridal selection at Curvety.

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