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January 22, 2009 / Curvety

Fashions First Lady

America’s new first lady has also acquired another new title courtesy of the Washington Post: the leader of the fashionable world.

So why so much interest in Mrs Obama’s wardrobe?

Michelle is young, tall and attractive which stands her apart from previous first ladies, but there is more to it than that. She represents hope & change as much as the new president himself.

For the ceremony she dressed herself and her daughters in glorious & vibrant colour. Her daring green gold ensemble was striking, a complete contrast to the expected.

But more telling than the outfits themselves is the names behind them. Michelle’s coat and dress for the ceremony were by Isabel Toledo, a 47-year-old Cuban-American designer who is well known to fashion insiders but has almost no profile among the public. Her evening gown, a one-shoulder ivory gown, was by Jason Wu, a 26-year-old Taipei-born, American-based designer. Another who is known only to those who keep a close eye on ‘the ones to watch’ in fashion magazines.

Choosing to shun the big name designers who will have been fighting to dress the most important woman in America is significant in showing her credentials as a deserved leader in fashion.

Fashions First Lady

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