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October 24, 2008 / Curvety

2009 The Rise of the Real Woman

Written by Emily Robertson.

Is 2009 set to see the end of this ridiculous size 0 trend?

Well, we can all hope that this unrealistic view of women is set to stop and we can all finally relax and feel sexy no matter what size we are. Many celebrities have been relaxing on their diets, Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole have been seen sporting more curvaceous figures than once seen before, as has Eva longoria who has been asked to gain weight for her desperate housewives role, she has said ‘we just ate so much we went crazy over the summer’.

When did it become sexy to have no stomach, no hips, no thighs, no boobs and nothing to lust after? It seems even men have been sucked into this trend but if you look at surveys, when given the choice men have opted for someone more like Charlotte Church than size 0 models or even size 8 girls. It seems that although it may seem men want this in reality men want a real women, someone sexy, confident and with lots to offer.

Celebrities such as Charlotte Church who is a self proclaimed curvy girl is becoming more of the norm in Hollywood than ever before, hopefully this is soon to set a trend for our younger celebrities and public because this view of women’s bodies has become more harmful than anything. Actress Nikki blonsky starred as the lead character in the new film musical hairspray and she being a size 18-22 played an amazing role, as a beautiful young girl in love. It was rare to see a larger lady on screen but she has set a trend amongst Hollywood that it is possible for a young girl to play the starring role of a sexy woman.

Tyra banks has been quoted saying ‘you call this fat!’ when she recently did a magazine article stating her curvy womanly figure was not fat as she has put on weight in the past few months, but still looks as gorgeous as ever. X factor also has the beautiful young Laura who is sporting a curvy figure which looks amazing, hopefully she can maintain this look and not fall for the typical Hollywood route if all goes well.

I am hoping with all of these celebs taking a stand – curvy, sexy, gorgeous women – will once again be the top stars.



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  1. allthingsgreat / Oct 24 2008 9:35 pm –
    THANK YOU!!!!! It is time we get real and see real size people as role models. Great post.

    Stella G.

  2. deborah-lee / Oct 27 2008 8:16 am

    Australia Next Top Model is supposedly looking for a normal sized model this time. They have to be tall, but they are aiming for size 10-12 models. That’s so much more realisting than the ones that have been chosen before.

    Our Prime Minister has also called the fashion industry to start using normal models and to not airbrush pictures unless they have a message saying that have been!

  3. Soubrette / Nov 23 2008 3:45 am

    I guess I must be a “fake woman”, being as I’m a size 0. Realize that plenty of size 0 women exist, and I’m not any less “feminine” than you because I’m thin. I’m small framed and narrow and have always been – my whole family is this way. Not all size 0s are anorexic or have eating disorders. As much as some women hate to admit it, naturally thin women do exist! I think proclaiming thin women as “disgusting” and “unfeminine” is just as WRONG as doing the same to fat women.

    Saying “curvy” or “skinny” is better is just plain wrong and excludes women for feeling beautiful based on something they usually cannot help or control. How about spreading the message that you should embrace the beautiful, unique and individual beauty each woman has? And that all men don’t think the same! Not all men like curves. For every body type, there is a man out there who likes it.

    If you are against discriminating and judging fat women, then don’t be a hypocrite by putting thin women in the same boat. Just as not all fat women are compulsive, lazy over-eaters, not all thin women are anorexic or have eating disorders.

  4. bergebabe / Nov 23 2008 2:11 pm

    thank you Soubrette for your comment. It is always great to hear the point of view from the other side of the fence as they say, but i was concerned that my blog had genuinely seemed to upset you. Your comment made me re read this entry to find the content which would have riled you so. I, like yourself, believe that women should celebrate what they have. If you are naturally a size zero and you are healthy then thats great – but the truth is that the media and celebrity culture forces lots of girls and women who are not naturally this way to become very unhealthy to try to achieve this look. This entry is celebrating the increase of plus size and more curvy women on the TV and in celebrity land in general. In order for ALL to be happy with what they have there needs to be a fair representation in the media of women of different shapes and sizes, something which has not been true till now. It is not a war between the fat and the skinny, but a war of all women against the media who set us up for a fall with their unrealistic expectations of women. If you have read through other posts you will see I promote a healthy lifestlye and positive self image. Im sorry this wasnt portrayed in this particular entry. Feel free to come back with more comments any time!

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