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April 3, 2008 / Curvety

Fight Chloe Marshall’s Backlash

As much as I was hoping it wouldn’t happen, there was always the possibility that Chloe Marshall would receive a certain amount of bad press for her success in what has always been a closed and unaccepting industry.This morning I was alerted to an article on the ‘Daily Mail’ website, written by a rather charming (not) Monica Grenfell. The heading sums up her views – ‘A role model for ordinary women? No, Miss England finalist is fat, lazy and a poster girl for ill health’.As a published author of well known & informative titles such as:Crash Diet – Lose 7lbs in 7 Days
The New 5 Days to a Flatter Stomach
Revenge Diet: Lose 15lbs in a month!: Make Him Sorry He Dumped You!
Fabulous in a Fortnight: The Day-by-day Programme – Shape Up and Lose Weight
The Beat Your Body Chaos Diet: Turn the Clock Back in 28 Days

(Thanks Bob at Sizenet for this info)

I’m sure you will agree that Monica is quite clearly an ambassador for what is healthy – like extreme dieting for short term weight loss – something we all know is SOO good for you!

Monica is very keen to point out that portraying a size 16 with a BMI which is supposedly in the overweight category (but doesn’t take into account muscle tone so is absolute nonsense) is unhealthy, and a bad message to give out – unlike her own message – being thin is essential for happiness and health.

Chloe has said on numerous occasions that she eats a healthy diet and exercises regularly – a lifestyle that will put you on the right track to a long and healthy life. I would be keen to point out that I know plenty of ‘thin’ women who eat a diet of absolute junk and who NEVER exercise. Yes, they’re thin, but probably far from healthy, and much more likely to incur health risks.

At the moment the link between health and weight is unbreakable in the eyes of many – this is just not true. The sooner these people realise that you can be a little overweight and healthy, just as easily as being thin and unhealthy – the better!

Well Chloe, the staff at Curvety are behind you all the way. Don’t lose heart – for every nasty cynic like Monica, there are a handful of supporters wishing you all the luck in the world!



Fight Chloe Marshall''s Backlash


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  1. Monica Grenfell / Apr 8 2008 11:35 pm

    I am Monica grenfell’s spokesperson while she is abroad.

    I have just read that Monica’s message is supposed to be “being thin is essential for happiness and health”

    Where and when has she said this?

    It is not a remark Monica has ever made and it is being attributed to Monica . It is not the only defamatory statement issued during this sad affair.

    We will be pursuing this.
    We would .like a response to this and other libellous comments before we take legal action over this website. Please respond.

  2. bergebabe / Apr 9 2008 8:59 am

    Glad to hear Monica is aware of how much she has upset people by her comments.

    This blog is my personal opinion, and this opinion has been gained from reading Monica’s article on behalf of one of the UK’s largest daily newspapers. I have not at any point said that is what Monica said in exact words, I have said that is what her article portrays her opinion to be.

    I think you should spend more time worrying about the backlash Monica will receive for a libelous story in national press, rather the opinions of an individual on a blog site!

    In response, I would like to point out some of the libelous comments in Monica’s own article…

    1. lets start with the heading!!

    2. On a number of occasions in the article Monica has mentioned how unhealthy it is for Chloe to be obese – and all the health problems that come with that – but as she is more than aware, Chloe is NOT obese, and by BMI, which Monica obviously holds a lot of sway on, Chloe has a BMI of 25.3 (not 26.3 as printed by Monica) which is only very slightly in the overweight category. Not something likely to cause diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, cancers as Monica has said. Telling the general public that by being a size 16 you are going to get seriously ill – EVEN THOUGH you exercise daily and eat well (as Chloe does) is, in your words libelous.

    3. If the doctors say up to a BMI of 25 is perfectly healthy, who is Monica to decide that Chloe should have a BMI of 20? This shows me that Monica believes you need to be UNDERWEIGHT to be healthy.

    4. Monica made the comment “It would send an appalling – and very dangerous – message to other young women that it’s OK to be fat”. It IS ok to be fat, a size 16 is not life threatening as I have said above. I am an 18, I eat only whole foods, fruit & veg, and exercise daily. I am very healthy. I am also a lot higher up the BMI scale than Chloe! What is she trying to do – scaremonger every woman into losing weight on one of her crash diets? Now thats not healthy.

    5. Monica quotes bullimia levels as falling without so much as a hint at an official source for her information.

    6. She then goes on to accuse Chloe of lying about her diet and exercise regime!

    I’m sorry if my opinion has upset you and Monica, but Monica will have to expect responses like this to writing nasty, untrue articles. She will probably have managed to insult half of the women in the UK as a size 16 is extremely common – and guess what, all of those women haven’t yet died off due to terminal illness related to their extreme size 16 obesity!

  3. Bob Toovey / Apr 9 2008 9:23 am

    In response to Monica Grenfell’s spokes person – what a load of tosh!!!

    First, Begerbabe is not saying anything worse than what has already been said in newspapers and in the blogosphere already.

    Secondly, Monica does not quote any scientific or medical links, quotes or sources for ‘HER CLAIMS’. She also writes as though she knows Monica – call her lazy and an over eater. What a lie!!!!

    If the spokes person is going to take this further then you had better contact me as well as I have also commented on the misinformed and badly written article.

    You can read exactly what I wrote here…

    the article is called

    Sorry Mz Grenfell but you have it all wrong about Chloe

    I have also been in email contact with her which has stopped and I am still awaiting a reply to my second response.

    I sent her the link to my article which as I said, has not recieved a reply. So she must be aware of what I have said on done nothing about it.

    If you are planning to procede with legal actions then there are at least 5 other websites you must consider as well. And if you think they will go quite because of threats then watch out! We will make some noise!

    If Monica wants this to go away then all she has to do is appologise.

    Bergebabe, keep on at it – you have my full support and I am sure there are many like me out there!

    Bob Toovey (I am not hiding!)

  4. Jim Gardner / Apr 9 2008 2:47 pm

    If Monica has been quoted out of context that’s a different matter, but in her own words, “But as a dietician I am so worried about the damage her well-oiled publicity machine is doing that I think it’s vital to speak out.” – she is insinuating that Chloe is a bad role model because she eats unhealthily, when even a cursory flip through Chloe’s resumé would show that she eats normally and gets regular exercise.

    Monica’s article is terrible journalism. It is offensive to normal people because it suggests that they are abnormal. The backlash against the likes of the person you claim and threaten to represent via legal means, dear anonymous Grenfell spokesperson, is nothing short of yet more proof that Rupert Murdoch hacks are preaching to an ever shrinking minority of ugly on the inside bullies.

    The truth, if you have any concept of what that word means, is that we in the majority are sick and tired of being told to fit into your constantly shifting set of ideals, when in reality there is nothing more unhealthy than trying to be something which we are physically and emotionally incapable of being.

    Dry your eyes and stick your legal threats where the sun don’t shine.

  5. Tash / Jul 9 2008 1:18 pm

    Thank you for supporting Chloe and her bid to show that big really is beautiful! For more stunning pictures and information on how to vote Chloe for Miss England, check out Shetribes: a constantly evolving web portal celebrating women the world over!

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