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March 17, 2008 / Curvety

Fern Britton Plays Dirty

One of my favourite curvy role models, Fern Britton, is receiving some stick along with fellow presenter Phillip Schofield, for a bit of riske fun on daytime TV.

This Morning plunged into controversy last week after Fern presented an interview with a woman who sells sex toys for Ann Summers. Gwen Bailey, 75, claims to be the oldest host of sex toy parties in the country. During the interview Gwen encouraged a giggling Fern to test the wares on her nose for suitability while a bemused Phil looked on.

I can see how this would possibly cause concern to some viewers, but I must admit that I fall into the category that found it hugely amusing! Fern to me looks like she was put into an uncomfortable situation (after all, she wont have scheduled the guests) and made the best of it by having a bit of a giggle.

As always, Fern looked on hot on the couch, sporting a sexy black skirt suit, get the look here.

Fern Britton Plays Dirty

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