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February 26, 2008 / Curvety

Next say Hide your Love Handles

Next are a big name in high street fashion, and although willing to sell their clothes to some smaller plus sizes (albeit grudgingly), it seems they don’t want any lumps & bumps on show in their stores.

The leaflet pictured has been distributed to staff in some Next shops and advises their female staff of many ways to assure they look as slim as possible when working their tills.

Firstly, they would like their women staff to try ‘magic pants to hide lumps & bumps’. They also give a number of tips on how to cover large tummies & bottoms, plus advise to wear pinstripes to slim and avoid tight fitting AND baggy clothes which will make you look bigger.

Susan Ring, Chief Executive of Eating Disorder charity Beat told the Daily Mail:

‘What Next is saying here is that it wants the people who work in its stores to look as slim as possible so that the customers see the clothes on the staff and want to buy them. Stylists should be trying to show people the best ways to show off their figure and not imply that everyone has to conform to this skinny image.’

So Next want their staff to look good when representing them, I can understand that, but this leaflet clearly implies that Next believe that to look good and ‘presentable’ you have to be slim. Luckily this attitude is slowly changing within the industry and plus sizes have more choice than ever. If you find shopping on the high street intimidating there are many online stores offering fabulous choices for larger women. Try, who stock great eveningwear & daywear in sizes up to a 36.

Next say Hide your Love Handles

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