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December 18, 2007 / Curvety

Plus Size & Fighting Fit

As an active & healthy person who exercises daily despite being overweight, I am a firm believer that how fit you are is more important than your weight. Until now popular belief would say otherwise, but now research is coming to light that proves weight & health are not necessarily linked.

A US study that followed 2,603 people over 60 years old for an average of 12 years found that those who were very unfit were most likely to die – regardless of whether they were overweight.

The participants all received an initial medical check, underwent fitness tests and had their fat levels measured.

They found that while the degree of fatness was not associated with an increased risk of mortality, being unfit was. Those in the fittest 20% of the sample suffered an annual death rate of 8.1 per thousand people, while those in the least fit 20% experienced an annual death rate of 32.6 per thousand. The results are reported in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

‘It is possible to be fat and fit – and if you are, your risk of dying is substantially reduced. It is cut in half,’ said Blair.

So, stop worrying about your weight and make sure you include at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each day to ensure a longer, healthier life. If you don’t already include this in your routene you will definitely notice the difference in your fitness levels in just a few weeks and you’ll be brimming with energy. Why not treat yourself to a new outfit in celebration of your fit & curvy figure from


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