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October 25, 2007 / Curvety

UK Obesity Epidemic

Recently there has been much media speculation about the supposed obesity epidemic plaguing the UK.

Jane Feinmann of the Independent interviewed Professor Patrick Basham to get to the fact in this argument. He says there is no real evidence to back up the claims.

The claim, which states that half of the British population will be obese in 25 years time, makes many assumptions which have yet to be confirmed as fact. For example every overweight child will have to become an overweight adult and every overweight adult will have to progress to obesity for the figures to be true. There has been no research to prove this is the case.

So what about the adults that will all become obese? In 1997 the BMI classification of being overweight was changed from 27 to 25. Overnight millions of people previously classed as normal suddenly sat in the overweight category, and based on the epidemic claim they will all become obese. So although it is true that Body Mass Index statistics show a significant increase in overweight adults over the past decade this is an extraordinary case of moving the goalposts.

Although I am under no illusion that being severely obese can cause certain health problems, there is a common misconception that being overweight means you are automatically unhealthy. At a size 20 I exercise daily and eat a balanced and healthy diet which involves very little junk food. I am overweight and fighting fit. I purchase my clothes mainly online from the growing number of quality plus size clothing specialists like and take pride in looking great – and turning heads!



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  1. ankur / May 29 2008 9:41 am

    its great you do excercise to stay fit


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