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August 30, 2007 / Curvety

Are Low Rise Jeans for Curvy Women?

I came across an interesting article today about plus size women wearing low rise jeans. The author had tested a pair for a day and decided categorically that they AREN’T for plus size women. It occured to me that this generalisation is what can confuse some fabulous ladies with voluptuous curves as fortunately we are all unique.

The author says – ‘The first 20 minutes were okay but when I decided to sit down all hell broke loose. I felt my back all out and my panties were showing. I began to feel sooo uncomfortable. Well after pulling up my jeans all day and I mean all day. I decided that low-rise jeans aren’t for curvy chicks. I don’t even know why they were made for plus size women. It’s the most uncomfortable thing in the world’.

Now I am going to presume that this plus size diva is a pear shape, which means fab hips and curves. Getting jeans to sit just right on this type of curve will always be a bit of a mission, and yes, you would be better finding a pair to sit a bit higher up. However, I am more of a traditional apple shape (and short to boot). This means my hips and waist are pretty much the same size – low rise jeans fit me like a dream and I wouldn’t be seen in any other type as due to my height, if I wear mid waist or higher I look like i’ve purposefully hiked my jeans up to my ears in a Simon Cowell impression.

My advise is to try different styles of jeans until you find a cut that makes you feel 100% comfortable. Once you know what that style is you will be able to purchase jeans easily.

One great place to buy plus size jeans in the UK in sizes up to a size 36 is

low rise – worn by both men and women, are jeans intended to sit low on, or below, the hips. They are also called low-cut jeans, hipsters, hip-huggers and low-riders. Usually they sit at least three inches lower than the belly button. Low-rise jeans have existed since the 1960s, but regained popularity in the 1990s and 2000s. Britney Spears is known for regaining the popularity.

Let me know what style of jeans suits you best and any funny stories of jeans that HAVEN’T been quite right!

Are Low Rise Jeans for Curvy Women?


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  1. Katherine Howard / Jan 18 2008 2:10 am

    Here, here on your comment about plus size ladies not being able to wear low rise jeans. What if you have a VERY short rise? I also have an apple figure with much above my waist line. I would NEVER emphasize my heavy waist and so wear longer more blousey tops to hide the roll, but to find a low rise jean that actually sits near or at my waist line is SOO great! Normally, I am forced to wear jeans that are baggy in the rear with the crotch loose and hanging or having to roll the waist band at my waistline. I hope low rise jeans never go out of style!

  2. cholic / Apr 3 2008 2:59 pm

    wear low cut panties and belt over the jeans. it works fine for me =)

  3. Dawn / Jun 21 2008 6:36 pm

    I cant live without my low rise jeans. I am size 22 and i have a very short rise. I cant wear pants at what most plus size manufacturers consider my waist. They make the waist too tight and i get a spare tire that is rediculously unflattering. not to mention the way long rise pants make my tummy appear much larger and more matronly than the low rise ones do. I am an hourglass shape naturally, and higher rise pants take that away from me. I have a smaller stomach than my butt and high rise pants seem to be cut so that my front and my back will look the same. So if she likes her Mom jeans, more power to her, but I will never ever wear a pair of high rise or high waisted jeans again.

  4. Jennifer F. / Nov 4 2008 7:37 pm

    You hit the nail on the head with this post!! I am 5’4″ with a 25 inch inseam and an apple shape and low rise jeans keep me from having the extra bag in the crotch which is hideous. I wear low rise jeans directly at my waist and have no problems. I could see a pear not liking this type of rise, but the original poster shouldn’t generalize that all plus-size women shouldn’t wear low rise. Boo to the retailers who are taking away the low rise jeans for plus-size women.

  5. Jenna P. / Nov 19 2008 1:35 am

    I am actually rather pear shaped, and I love low rise jeans. My hips are a great deal wider than my waist and most higher rise jeans are either too tight on my hips and butt or too loose in the waist (so I get to choose between a wedgie and pulling my pants back up all day). I think the problem that many women have who are used to higher rise jeans is that they feel exposed. Plus, you can’t wear underwear that hit you at the waist with a pair of jeans that hit you at the hip… unless of course you want to show off your granny panties every time you sit down.

  6. manal / Jan 26 2010 12:29 am

    Hey Dawn,

    Where do you get you low rise jeans from because i’ve been looking for some jeans nice ones!


  7. Kim D. / Apr 16 2010 9:06 pm

    I’m a size 18, petite, and I LOVE low-rise jeans. I refused to try them at first because I thought I would look ridiculous, with love handles spilling out all over the place. But when I finally decided to try on a pair, it was a revelation! I have never been able to find pants that fit me properly because I have a very short rise. Pants that claim to fit at the so-called “natural waist” either leave me with three inches of material in the crotch, or I have to hike them up to my ribs and cinch a belt around my torso to keep them in place. Plus, my butt is rather flat where it meets the upper thigh, and the plus-size pants always had big bunches of material back there that I couldn’t fill out. I was always uncomfortable and baggy / rumpled looking. Low rise jeans are completely fabulous. They aren’t really low rise on me — they sit right at my natural waist — and the cut actually fits my curves, so there is no saggy baggy look in the seat. I will never, ever, wear anything else!

  8. katie / Aug 15 2010 2:44 pm

    i wear between a junior’s size 15 – 17. the reason i wear juniors in that size (if i can even find them) is because they are the only ones that HAVE low rise jeans, there aren’t any in misses or womens. I am 5’1. my “rise” in my jeans is maybe 2 inches, most jeans i see have like a 3-8″ rise. I actually need SUPER low rise. (levis makes these, but not in my size) so i don’t know where all of you are buying your “low rise” attire. but i wish i could even find any. none of my clothes fit at all. it’s really embarrasing actually. if anyone has any recommendations for me please send me some links!!!!! llewelyn5749 [@]


  9. CoCo / Jun 16 2011 6:42 pm

    I hear you Dawn!
    I’m a 5’3 – size 18 – Hourglass shape – but its still hard for me to find a good pair of plus-size jeans without the crotch being too long – I’d end up looking round when I have do curves.
    Sometimes jeans would fit my thighs and hips, but would be too loose on the waist. Sometimes it would just fit my thighs but would be loose everywhere else. My friend who is a typical size 24 Pear rarely complains about the crotch issue (but still does).

    I’ve always wanted a low rise since I noticed that my “curves” appear when my pants are settled lower than usual. So far, I find that skinny jeans actually fit me quite nicely. But I really want a low-rise boot cut. (I’d love to try on a high waisted narrow leg too).

    So YES, Low rise (even skinny jeans) should work for “fat” hour-glass and apple figures (but not the ones that are too low). I think it works for most shapes but as for pears, they rarely work. (and some people with a “higher” butt – did I say it right?)

    As for the whole pantie-butt crack showing – I’d wear a type of leotard shirt inside of a thin blouse. I honestly think that’s the only way to wear a low-rise. Wearing a G-String is just ‘cheap’ for me, so is showing too much skin.

  10. Kim Leuenberger / Oct 11 2011 12:56 am

    Finding a pair of jeans that fit correctly when you are curvy and short is impossible unless low rise. Who wants their pants at their bra line just cause you are curvy. I have serious issues finding jeans that fit right at all with leg length, waist,and hips. You would think by now manufacturer’s would get the clue that just cause you happen to be a plus size doesn’t mean you want your waist line of your jeans at your bra.

  11. Sharon / Oct 18 2011 3:47 am

    I must be an apple. Most jeans that fit my hips and backside are too small in the waist which results in muffin top. If they fit my waist the backside and legs are way to large and of course only get bigger when worn. When they came out with relaxed fit jeans is when a lot of my trouble started. It seems like all I could find for years. I need a slimmer cut but no one seems to make those with a larger waste. I may be in my 50’s but I still want great looking jeans. If anyone has a similar problem to mine and has found jeans that work please give me a brand name and style to fcheck out. Thank you so much.

  12. Kate / Oct 31 2011 10:26 pm

    Maybe some of you apples can buy pants, but current styles offer few options to pears. The low rise really doesn’t work at all for most pear shapes because we are larger in back than in front, so the coverage back there is completely inadequate. The high rise doesn’t fit the pear either because, when the coverage is adequate behind, the pant rides up to the bra in front. The current plus sizes are designed for rare big boned woman whose weight is evenly distributed – I bet that doesn’t apply to very many women. Seventy percent of older women are having trouble finding clothes that fit! It is very frustrating. The apple body obviously needs a completely different cut of pants than the pear body, and and the generic plus size doesn’t fit either one very well. Why are designers so indifferent to our needs?

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