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July 19, 2007 / Curvety

Style Tips for High Waist trousers in plus sizes

The latest trend for high-waist trousers and jeans can make even the smallest & pertest of bottoms look large.

So – How do you carry off these latest styles?

Firstly it is essential to distract attention away from your behind. Pockets or anything that adds volume to your bum are a big no-no.

When buying new trousers go for wider loose legged or straight styles. Avoid tapered trousers if you have wide hips – Boot-cut trousers will balance out wider hips.

A deep waistband will make your bottom look half the size, while wide-cut legs will hide a less than toned bum.

Dark colours are slimming so wearing darker trousers with a bright top will draw the eye way from your bottom. Avoid the opposite combination & shiny materials at all costs, both will accentuate your bottom and make it look larger.

Try wearing heels with full length wide trousers long enough to cover your shoes.

Finally, if you’re going to wear a jacket it should cover your bottom. Short jackets will exaggerate the width of your bum.


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