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May 8, 2007 / Curvety

What not to wear US style

Clinton Kelly recently hosted the launch of a plus size range in one of America’s most famous stores. As presenter of the US version of ‘what not to wear’ it was not surprising that the evening involved some hot style tips on plus size dressing from the man himself.

It is only fair to share these tips with all UK plus sizes!!!

The evening started with a Q%A…

Q: What are the wardrobe essentials for a plus size woman on a budget?

A: He said there are four key items your wardrobe should never be without: a structured jacket, wide leg trousers, an A-line skirt and a pair of pointy toe shoes.

Q: What is the biggest mistake plus size women make when trying to flatter their figure?

A: Women try to hide beneath flowy shapeless garments. Hiding under piles of loose clothing doesn’t fool anyone and only adds the illusion of extra weight.

He then moved onto more general advice…

He suggests curvier women, particularly if they are more hippy, should steer clear of slim-fitting pants and opt for a wider, fuller leg.

They should also avoid clingy fabrics which draw attention to lumps and bumps, and says that paying extra for materials with a significant amount of drape will make clothes, particularly trousers fit better.

As for crop pants, if you have good legs go ahead and wear a slimmer fit. However, if you are not completely comfortable with your legs, opt for a looser pair, with great drape that hits about mid-calf.

If you’re heavier on the bottom, don’t wear a little revealing top because it will only exaggerate the size of your lower half. The reverse is also true. It is all about creating balance and defining a waist to give the look of the classic hourglass figure.

He stresses, it is also vital in plus sizes to understand prints. A tiny, intricate print on a larger size woman is going to make her appear even larger.

The evening ended with a trip into the signature 360 Degree Mirror of “What Not to Wear.” Clinton Kelly was able to provide a few ‘lucky’ guests with constructive criticism.


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