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April 26, 2007 / Curvety

7 Tips to being a sexy plus size by Nancy Hayssen

Former plus size model Nancy Hayssen has written a book called ‘You Can be Sexy at Any Size.” In the promotion surrounding the release Nancy is giving 7 top tips on how women can boost their confidence whatever their size or shape.

Here are Nancy’s tips:

1) Positive Self Talk
Probably the most important thing you can ever do at any time is—talk POSITIVE to yourself. Most people have negative self talk running through their heads 24/7 and they don’t even realize it!

2) Hang out with positive people.
Ask your friends and loved ones to help you by saying positive and approving things about you. The more often you hear positive things about yourself, the sooner you’ll believe them.

3) Move your body.
It sounds so simple, but moving your body can make you feel better.

4) Ask yourself—“How do I want others to think of me when they look at me?” What kind of image are you projecting with the clothes you wear? Maybe you dress to be really comfortable or maybe you dress to be extremely stylish, but however you dress, ask yourself if your clothes are giving others the impression of you that you want them to have? Visit for some new ideas.

5) We’ve all heard the phrase, “Fake it ‘til you make it.”
Well, it works. It works partly because the subconscious mind doesn’t’ recognize the word or concept of pretending. For the subconscious, everything is always “real.” So faking it ‘til you make it, makes it happen.

6) Breathe.
Yup, that’s it. Breathe. By taking some long, deep breaths, you will begin to calm your body and give it the much needed oxygen it craves.

7) Give what you want to get.
Like attracts like. So give what you want to get and you might be surprised at how enjoyable it is to give when you get so much back!

These tips are a small insight into the content of her book which gives more ideas on how to increase your confidence and make the most of yourself.

Nancy adds ‘remember, you’re the only you there is! You’re unique and precious just as you are!’


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