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April 13, 2007 / Curvety

Are fat friends a fashion statement?

I sit here seething after reading an article on The daily mail website entitled why every woman needs a fat friend.

The article talks about Kate Moss and a recent snap of her with 15-stone frontwoman of indie band The Gossip, Beth Ditto, and another unnamed ‘fat’ friend. In no uncertain terms it is stated that the beautiful people only have ‘fat’ friends to make them:

A) Look better
B) Feel better
C) Make it easier to pull

Here is a quote from the article:
‘But it’s not just when you’re out on the town that your fat friend makes you feel better. When you’re out shopping there’s the satisfaction of slipping into a size 10 as she struggles with a 16, and even if you have put on a few pounds, the fact she can’t fit into the biggest size the shop stocks takes the sting out of moving up to a 12.’

The fact that somebody would take pleasure from the obvious distress of one of their friends pretty much sums it up. I for one have many friends of all shapes and sizes who love me for who I am and vice versa. I would not want such a shallow friend, as frankly who needs enemies with friends like that!

If you are a 16 plus and suffer from the problem faced when shopping on the high street, try where you can pick up the latest fashions in sizes up to a 36. And if you have friends like Ursula it will be your turn to show them up!

I ask you all to read and comment on the article at the daily mail website as I think that the damage that this kind of journalism can do should be flagged. If this was about race or religion then Ursula would be stoned in the street. So why it ok to prejudice against people because of their size? People like Ursula at the Daily mail need to take responsibility for their actions and the affect stories like this have on teens and young women.



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