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April 5, 2007 / Curvety

Spring motivates exercise

Spring is really in the air this time, after a couple of false starts, and it brings with it a feeling of hope and expectation for the coming months.

For me it kick starts thoughts of exercise. I am a size 18 to 20 in clothes but believe that size has little relation to fitness. A bit of exercise has such an effect on your general wellbeing and mood whatever your size.

Last year I ran the 5K race for life for cancer research and was hoping to do the 10K one this year, which is about 7 miles. I was daunted about running last year, but when I got there I was happy to see nothing more than thousands of ordinary women of all shapes and sizes with one common goal – to raise money for cancer. Some walking, jogging or running, but there was no competitiveness and certainly no smirks. From now on I wont allow being a plus size to stop me taking part.

Obviously it is necessary to train a little, or a lot depending on your personal goals. There is nothing like a fresh breeze and longer evenings to start the ball rolling so tonight I am going to don my leggings and a T shirt, wipe the dust off my trainers and head to the river.

If you want to take part too visit the Race for life website.


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